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«ALS. Three letters that change people’s lives. FOREVER»

Let’s Work Together For ‘A Future Without ALS’!


“Let’s Roll” definition «for me» :

Means not to quit no matter how bad my day may be, someone out there is having a worse day.

Team “Let’s Roll Out ALS” is fundraising with “Let’s Roll” «decals/stickers». If you are interested in supporting our Team and my battle with ALS :

Donate $10 or more and receive a decal/sticker

Donate $5 or more and receive 4 circular stickers

*Please email the colour you would like and mailing address*

Where the proceeds go: (ALS Canada)

•    40% ALS research for ‘A Future Without ALS‘

  1.    60% Equipment purchases for PALS & support families affected

Classic “Let’s Roll” stickers available in: White, Red, Yellow and Dark Gray

Circular “Let’s Roll” stickers (38mm x 38mm diameter)  Black on White background.


1. Our ALS Canada Campaign Page

2. E-transfer to LetsRollOutALS@gmail.com

3. Cash contribution to a member of the “Let’s Roll Out ALS” Team.

*Please email the colour you would like and mailing address*


Why I started using “Let’s Roll” as my Catchphrase and mottolearn here…

You may contact us at LetsRollOutALS@gmail.com

Let's Roll Out ALS

Team Let’s Roll Out ALS