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«ALS. Three letters that change people’s lives. FOREVER»

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What is ALS?

2014 & 2015 Ice Bucket Challenge — how it felt to me:

The diagnosis is similar if not worse than an ICE Bucket being dumped on you for the first time… it is breath cutting and bone-chilling when your doctor tells you that you have ALS.

My Story...

I started having weakness in my left hand in 1990, at the age of twenty-one, and was diagnosed with ALS on Tuesday, April 14, 1992, one month shy of my twenty-third birthday. My Expiration Date Tattoo — marks what was supposed to be my hopeful five-year life expectancy from diagnosis. I had three to five years to live in 1992; April 1997 (04.97) is five years after my diagnosis. The 0497, have become important numbers for me and my friends when faced with struggles.

Did I accept my ALS diagnosis? No, I did not, and I will not - I need to have that chip on my shoulder to keep fighting, and to keep doing what I am doing.  Would I change the last twenty-five years for the unknown? No, I would not, because ALS I have lived some pretty exciting experiences and have met some incredible people. I am fortunate to be alive twenty-six plus years after diagnosis. I’m very grateful to have a wonderful family and great friends.

I still manage/managed to accomplish many dreams and enjoy fun activities with the help of family and friends as I struggle through this sentence. See my Bucket List being checked off.

I rest properly, eat properly (drink Kool-Aid everyday), keep life simply and try not to let things get to me that I don’t have control over. Why bother; life is short and precious, enjoy it! I esspecially don’t like pity because I have ALS.

See why Let’s Roll and the numbers 04.97 are important to me.


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8376 days from my birth to the day I received the ALS diagnosis, and 8376 days from that day until March 20, 2015. Officially diagnosed for more than half of my life now. See picture below... I may have ALS, but it does not have me...!



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