«ALS. Three letters that change people’s lives. FOREVER»

Let’s Work Together For ‘A Future Without ALS’!

Let’s Roll • Eddy • 04.97
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I believe...


I built this site to share information regarding my diagnosis with ALS, and raise awareness about this terrible disease — please read about my journey with ALS since the early 90s. I have surpassed my three to five year sentence as of April 1997. I may not control the fact that I have ALS, but I control my actions to make people aware that ALS is a terrible disease to live with... anybody can develop it at any time; we have to work together for ‘A Future Without ALS’. I’m proud to be a member of the ALS Canada Ambassador Program. «Let’s Roll Out ALS»

See my Bucket List being checked off, and look at other fun stuff I manage to do, browse my site and enjoy... I may have ALS, but ALS does not have me...

See Team Let’s Roll Out ALS «fundraising» campaign.

Don’t forget to smile :).

Eddy L.

You don't have to accept anything...just learn to live with it!

Circumstances don’t make you happy; your attitude toward circumstances do!

DON’T WAIT — Do what you have to do now!

Nothing changes, unless you make it change!

Let's Roll Out ALS

* Those quotes are not mine; I just tweaked them for my personal use